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One Big Way Yoga is Healing You

If you practice yoga, you know and have experienced many of its benefits, but there is one subtle way that yoga is impacting your body and it may be the most important one. Read on to understand how yoga could be saving your life!

Our amazing bodies are surprisingly simple in that they are made up of just cells and two fluids; blood and lymph. Of those two fluids, blood makes up about 25% and lymphatic fluid 75%. Strangely, western medicine tends to focus on the health of the blood with little regard for the fluid that is literally bathing every organ and gland with the human body. The lymph system protects the blood from among other things, acidity. The blood can only maintain an acidic PH for about 4 minutes before death occurs. The lymphatic system can tolerate acids for much longer. This fluid makes up the giant sewer system that is responsible for moving all waste and toxins out of the body and keeping the blood clean, slightly alkaline, and safe. It also contains our immune system which we all know the importance of.

A healthy lymphatic system is clear and flowing like a river with a slightly alkaline PH. Unfortunately, this is not the case for about 90% of humanity. The lymphatic systems of most individuals are stagnating and full of mucous and inflammation. Why this occurs is an entirely other post, but we will leave it that it is largely related to the standard American diet or SAD diet as it’s often referred to. In short, we take in largely acid forming foods which cause the lymphatic system to react with inflammation and mucous to protect cells from the acids. Acids are corrosive and dehydrating breaking down tissue. All disease begins in an acidic lymph system.

When we come to a regular yoga practice, we begin to open up energetic channels known as nadis of which we have 72,000. Some of these are physical in nature and some are subtle. Many of them are lymphatically related and so as we move our bodies, we are opening these channels and once again increasing lymphatic flow where before, there was stagnation. As we feel the stretch in a pose, and then send our inhale of oxygen to that place of tension, we are opening, nourishing, and breaking away hardened lymph. This allows the lymphatic fluid to again flow more freely so that it can wash away toxins etc from our bodies.

A lymphatic system full of inflammation and mucous is a prime breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses to grow and thrive. Bacteria show up to munch away at the acidic cesspool and are then blamed when really, they are a back up life saving force. Anytime you have infection, which is just an overgrowth of unwanted bacteria, this is what is going on. It stands to reason that yoga should be a definite “go to” in any infectious situation in addition to flushing the body with pure water or watermelon to remove the harmful built up waste.

In short, yoga moves the lymphatic system which does not have it’s own pump like the heart. This movement and opening and flushing and detoxifying process that yoga creates in the body is not only necessary, but life saving.